Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hank reads the juicy bits about Eleanor Mondale from the new Warren Zevon biography to Phyllis, who is sleeping

Sugar, this is very interesting. Did you know that Warren Zevon had a fling with Eleanor Mondale? If I did, I had forgotten. There are several excerpts from his diary about her in this book, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead. He makes her out to be a real dynamo in bed. Gave the best blowjobs since Nancy Reagan, it sounds like. I'll just read you the best parts:
February 27, 1990--Minneapolis

...TV interview with Eleanor Mondale, who looked terrific... Eleanor came by after her "precinct caucus" with her friend--they came on the bus. Eleanor and I exchanged numbers... I said, "Shall I call you and try to talk you into coming to Atlanta?" She said, "You can try." I said, "I'm a good try-er." She said, "I'd like to see you."

March 3, 1990--Tampa

...Called Eleanor. She asked if I thought of myself as a sexual person. I said, "Yes, very." She said, "Yes, very."

March 9, 1990--Dallas

Eleanor arrived during the show.... I glimpsed her in the wings while I was having a little non-chat with Edie Brickell. Eleanor looked *spectacular.* Our first kiss was amazing. She had me delirious on the bus ride... she's wild... I guess I've grudge-fucked old girlfriends, distanced myself in the act with others, and become a sort of control freak... I'm readjusting to making love... I really like Eleanor. When she walks in the room, the floodlights come on throwing everything else into shadow.

April 5, 1990--Sydney, Australia

...Eleanor gave me the best head I've ever had, then she went out with the promoter's wife and came back a little drunk... very upsetting to me.

April 18,1990--Brisbane

...what, one wonders, will we do? Live together? I'm sure I'm in love with her.

May 13, 1990--Adelaide

...Eleanor faxed Minneapolis gossip column about us.

July 2, 1990--Minnesota with Eleanor

...I told Eleanor I didn't know if I could handle the long distance relationship... She said she wasn't going backwards in the relationship and if I started seeing other people--sleeping with them--that was it...

July 7, 1990

Made love with Annette on the couch.


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